01.10.14 - Daniels Faculty Master of Landscape Architecture students take first place at 8th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture

The Daniels Faculty is pleased to announce that its Master of Landscape Architecture students have won first place in the 8th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture’s International Exhibition of University Projects. The announcement was made this past weekend in Barcelona.

The jury — comprised of practicing landscape architects and academics in the field — commended the students for the scope of landscape architectural-related concerns that were incorporated into each project, “from empirical enquiry on issues of planning and ecology to highly developed spatial formulations.” The intent and design of each proposal was “always visualized in a highly sensitive way,” it said, adding that the Daniels Faculty’s proposals “do not aim at fixed end scenarios but leave room for development.”

Organized by the Association of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture provides a forum for vigorous study of landscape interventions, from the perspective not only of landscape architects, but of those from other disciplines linked to its study and evolution. Held over the course of three days (September 25-27), the Biennial included a symposium to facilitate the discussion of “the evolution of landscape architecture world wide.”

“I am extremely proud of our students and advising faculty for receiving this award,” said Alissa North, Director of the Master of Landscape Architecture program. “The prize is especially rewarding as the student work displayed at the Biennial represents projects completed over the course of our three-year program. The breadth, visual clarity, and analytical rigour of the projects illustrates the exemplary work of our students.

The students’ work will remain on display as part of an exhibition at the Technical School Superior of Architecture of Barcelona from September 25 until October 11th.

Students with work in the exhibition include:

  • Sara Ahadi (MLA Thesis Advisor: Alissa North)
  • David Burns (MLA Thesis Advisor: Robert Wright)
  • Rui Felix and Logan Littlefield (Design Studio 4 Final Project; Instructors: Elise Shelley, Jane Wolff, Nina-Marie Lister)
  • Nicholas Gosselin (Design Studio 2 Final Project; Instructor: Pete North)
  • Mary Hicks (MLA Thesis Advisor: Alissa North)
  • Emilia Hurd (MLA Thesis Advisor: Georges Farhat)
  • Sarry Klein and Sarah MacLean (Design Studio 4 Final Project; Instructors: Elise Shelley, Jane Wolff, Nina-Marie Lister)
  • Shelley Long and Grace Yang (Design Studio 4 Final Project; Instructors: Elise Shelley, Jane Wolff, Nina-Marie Lister)
  • Eliza Oprescu (MLA Thesis Advisor: Robert Wright
  • Vinh Van (MLA Thesis Advisor: Pete North)

The projects displayed in the Biennial are featured in the gallery below.

The Jury was comprised of:

  • Jordi Ros, Dean of the ETSAB (Architecture University of Barcelona)
  • Christian Phongphit, Teacher at the School of Architecture and Design of King Mongkut’s University of Technology,Thonburi, Thailand
  • Juan Manuel Palerm, Architect and professor of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University, president of UNISCAPE
  • Lisa Diedrich, Professor in landscape architecture at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Rafael Narbona, Landscape architect and president of the AEP (Spanish Landscape Architects National Association)
  • Víctor Ténez, Architect and master in Landscape Architecture, head of Coordination of Urban Planningin the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, teaching at Master of Landscape Architecture