Daniel Chung

Associate Professor


Dr. Daniel Chung is an Associate Professor of Building Science at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto. He is a registered architect and professional engineer with over twenty years of professional experience in building design, engineering, and construction.

He has a PhD in Architectural Engineering, and his research focuses on hygrothermal analysis and verification of building envelopes to develop better performing and more resilient buildings in the context of climate change. Degradation, stochastic, and regression analyses are used to study the probabilistic outcomes and long-term behavior of building envelopes. In addition to validating novel retrofit assemblies with physical testing, material testing is performed in his lab to explore the hygroscopicity of biogenic materials such as biochars.

Recently Dr. Chung served as an expert participant on behalf of the US in the International Energy Agency Solar Heating & Cooling Programme Task 59/Annex 76: Deep Renovation of Historic Buildings Towards Lowest Possible Energy Demand and CO2 Emissions.  


2019 – Ph.D., Architectural Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, US 

2006 – M.Arch., Yale University, New Haven, US 

2000 – M.S.E., Civil & Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, US 

1998 – B.A., Design of the Environment, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US 

1998 – B.S.E., Civil Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US 

Current externally funded research projects include 

NSERC Alliance: ReCONstruct: Building Energy Retrofit Solutions for Canada, PI: Michael Jemtrud  

New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration: Creating Equitable, Resilient and Low Carbon Canadian Community Housing that Enhances Social Welfare, PI: Cynthia Cruickshank 

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation – Building for the Future: Digital twin-informed engineered timber retrofits for sustainable preservation, upgrading and reuse of existing housing supplies, PI: Daniele Malomo 


ARC480H1F L0101: Advanced Topics in the Technology of Architecture: Building Envelopes: Systems, Responses, and Affect  

ARC2047HF: Building Science 3: Environmental Systems  

ARC2048HS: Building Science 4: Building Science, Materials and Construction 2 

ARC3410HS: Selected Topics in Architecture and Technology, Past and Future Building Envelopes  

To prospective graduate research students: 

I am seeking highly motivated and hard-working graduate students interested in building science with an emphasis on building envelope research. Work in the lab often includes simulation and physical testing of envelope assemblies. A background in physical sciences, building physics, architectural technology, or engineering is preferred. Support for graduate students is available.