Daniel Chung

Associate Professor


Close up photo of Daniel Chung in front of a marina

Daniel Chung comes to the Daniels Faculty from Drexel University's Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. He began teaching architecture there in 2014, earned his PhD in architectural engineering in 2019, and, in 2020, attained the rank of associate professor. Before he did any of that, he worked in the field. He earned a Master of Architecture at Yale in 2006 and then spent several years as a project architect at MGA Partners.

Chung researches building envelope performance, with a focus on the way moisture moves through materials. Recently, he has been working on methods of using dielectric permittivity sensors – a type of water-sensitive probe ordinarily used to test the moisture content of soil – to measure and track the amount of water present in the facades of buildings. The slender probes might one day be usable as alternatives to more destructive methods of testing for building envelope moisture, like core sampling.