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Portrait of Jon Cummings in a black sweater, from the chest up, standing in front of a gray wall.

Jon Cummings

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Jon Cummings is an architect and teacher. In 2021, he co-founded Enns Cummings Office (ec-o), an architecture firm focused on finding expressive beauty in the low-carbon, climate-adaptive technologies and assemblies of the next generation of buildings. Jon’s professional research and teaching interests are engaged with the challenges of mixed uses, housing and novel building typologies in urban contexts, along with the economic, material, community and political frameworks that exert influences on them.

Prior to founding ec-o, Jon worked for 10 years at architects-Alliance in Toronto, where he designed and managed mixed use, multi-unit residential, office, retail, cultural and academic buildings at all project stages from design through construction. Previous to that, Jon’s varied experiences included work at offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Dublin.

Jon holds architecture degrees from the University of Waterloo (HBAS) and University of Toronto (M Arch) where he was distinguished on graduation with both the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the American Institute of Architects School medals. Jon is a licensed member of the Ontario Association of Architects.