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Katie Lyle

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Katie Lyle’s work addresses themes of temporality and action through acts of accrual and erasure, reworking textured surfaces to define a nest of images that emphasize a layered quality of meaning. This process creates a methodology for learning through making that extends to her collaborative performative work with dance artist Shelby Wright, where forms and gestures are built and rebuilt in an iterative, relational approach between dancing bodies. 

Lyle’s current research investigates practices of painting conservation—past and present—and considers how the discipline reconfigures a painting’s relationship to materiality and value. Borrowing from treatments used for conservation of fresco and easel painting, she will address losses, lacuna, and patching as sites for retelling and shaping narrative in real time. By allowing these techniques of care and touch to act as sites for defining new forms of narrative and compositional structures in her work 

Lyle is an artist working across painting, drawing and performance. Selected presentations include; NADA House, Governors Island, New York presented by Franz Kaka; The School of Art Gallery at the University of Manitoba; La Datcha, Berlin; Franz Kaka, Toronto; Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto; Erin Stump Projects, Toronto; Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto; Projet Pangée, Montreal; The MacIntosh Gallery, London, ON; 67 Steps, Los Angeles; Oakville Galleries; the Nanaimo Art Gallery. Lyle has worked collaboratively with Toronto based dancer Shelby Wright since 2014. Selected presentations of their co-authored work include: the Toronto Biennale, SummerWorks Festival, and the Canadian Art Foundation. Lyle is based in Toronto 

Katie Lyle