Robert M. Wright

Associate Professor

Robert Wright has a BSc from the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in Open Space Planning, with a minor in Ecology and an MLA from the University of Guelph, Ontario Canada.

Professor Wright’s work is design centered and extremely eclectic in nature. His notion of design does not privilege the traditional professional disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Urban design. He places his work within a more contemporary and trans-disciplinary framework. As Both an educator and as a design practitioner, he holds a strong belief that “Design is built theory” meaning that the translation from thought and concept to built works is primary and essential to design discourse. Having had training in both Ecology and Landscape Architecture places design as a practice that must at its essence deal with context. As a self confessed “Modernist” with Minimalist and Situationalist tendencies. The art of design is not merely “object” making but rather the interplay of Nature, Person, Community, City and Place.

Rob is the Principle of iz an open and exploratory design practice. His practice seeks to develop creative design experimentation not only in Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Urban design but also in fashion, furniture, art and the industrial arts. He collaborates with all manner of artists, designers and practitioners over the full range of the creative arts.

Mr. Wright is also the Director of the Centre for Landscape Research. His efforts on behalf of the CLR focus on bringing the University’s expertise together with Community, Industry and government research Interests. He is a full member of the OALA and a Fellow of the CSLA.

Mr. Wright has also been in the past, the Director of the Landscape Program (8 yrs.), Associate Dean (4 yrs.) and Director of the Knowledge Media institute (4 yrs.)

Robert M. Wright