David Lieberman

Associate Professor Emeritus

T 416-946-0442

BFA (Cal Arts), AA Dipl (London)

Educated in architecture, sculpture, and industrial design at Cornell University in New York, the California Institute of the Arts, the California Institute of Technology, and the Architectural Association in London, England, David Lieberman has been a practicing architect since 1974. Teaching responsibilities include thesis, urban design, comprehensive building studios, and lecture seminars in drawing and in the culture of architecture. 

Current work in a studio practice includes technical consultancy to millwork and steel fabricators, several residences in the Toronto area, a fourplex in Manhattan, and a studio for a video artist. Ongoing research activities include materials development and testing with a focus on concrete and glass and the development of generative architectures in projects such as a manipulable ceiling that can be played as an instrument in the orchestra. Sustainable or responsible practice includes the reconstruction of North House, the University of Waterloo entry to the Solar Decathlon, as a permanent laboratory. 

Recent publications include research on sustainable architectures, speculative and constructed landscapes, and critical works on music, acoustics, sound, and architecture. A recent gallery exhibition showed digital landscape paintings and a film, selected from a larger speculative work; The Alchemist’s Garden and an installation accompanied by a film and dancers. A current exhibition is a sound installation/performance piece. 

Research has, of late, focused on listening to the sounds and desires of the city leading to the construction of a series of large scale instruments. David Lieberman is not a musician, but has enjoyed the pleasures of music and is constantly challenged by the space between notes.

David Lieberman