Nicholas Hoban

Director, Applied Technologies

Nicholas Hoban is a computational designer, roboticist, fabricator, and educator. He works at the intersection of computational design, robotics, construction and simulation in pedagogy, research, and practice. Nicholas is the Director of Applied Technologies at the Daniels Faculty and a lecturer within the Daniels technology specialist program, leading various research and teaching labs while developing curriculum for studios and seminars on advanced fabrication and robotics within architecture. His research focuses on the application of robotics within fabrication and construction, and how we can solve critical problems in geometry through integrated processes.

Professionally, Nicholas was an associate at Mesh Consultants Inc., a geometry studio and consultancy in Toronto specializing in solving critical problems in geometry through custom algorithms, software, and simulation. Nicholas has worked for the legislative assembly of Ontario on the LiDAR 3D scan database for the digital façade archive of Queens Park.

Nicholas received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours from the University of Manitoba, his Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University, his Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto and his Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication from ETH Zurich.