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Reminder: Summer 2021 OSAP

Dear Daniels Students,

This is a friendly reminder that the UofT Summer 2021 OSAP Extension Application is now available for eligible U of T students who received full-time OSAP in the 2020-21 Fall and/or Winter term(s) and are applying for additional funding for full-time summer studies. Students who did not received OSAP in the Fall and/or Winter term(s) should apply for Summer OSAP through the OSAP website. Full application details including information on eligibility is available from the Enrollment Services website at:

Students with Fall and/or Winter OSAP

Please use the U of T Summer OSAP Extension application on the Enrolment Services webpage rather than using the full application on the OSAP website, which can create delays and may result in reduced funding.

The recommended application deadline is March 31st, 2021. This is so that students receive their funding during the first two weeks of summer classes, and to ensure they can receive a Summer Tuition Deferral.

Student must have full-time registration status. Those with part-time status will be required Confirmation From their Graduate Unit that they will have at least a 60% course load (or at least 40% with an OSAP profile permanent disability). Students with a lower course load should apply for Part-Time OSAP for the Summer term. The part-time application is available from the OSAP website.

Students without Fall and/or Winter OSAP

Students who did not receive full-time OSAP at U of T in the 2020-21 Fall and/or Winter term(s) should submit an OSAP application for May-August funding available on the OSAP website.

For answers to frequently asked questions and to submit an OSAP question online, please refer to Additional information is available from the Enrollment Services website at


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