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Term-End Clear Out 2019


Re: Term-End Clear Out – Monday, December 16th, 2019

Please ensure that all your models, plots, materials and personal belongings (except for
contents in lockers, and monitors locked to desks) are cleared out of the second and third
floor studios by the end of the day on Monday, Dec. 16th, 2019. We will begin clearing
out the studios starting on Tuesday, December 17th at 8am in order to prepare for the
Second Term. To protect your belongings, please remove all personal contents by this

All unidentified material left in the studios as of Tuesday, December 17th, will be recycled,
‘freecycled’ or discarded. Do not leave anything on the floor, under your desk, in your
drawers, behind the radiators or on the shelving units. A large dumpster will be available
in the loading bay for large model disposal as of Friday, December 13th - 20th.

If for some reason (i.e. late review date, etc.) you are unable to remove your belongings
by this date, contact the Studio Technician, Joe Rogal, for an extension
( I.D. slips will be provided and are required for material
granted an extension. The Studio Technician’s desk is located on the third floor Graduate
Studio, south west corner. If you choose to leave your computer/ monitor/ printer locked
to your desk, please label it with an I.D. slip.

Note: most students will be changing sections/ desks in the Second Term. Students will
be assigned their new spots and expected to move on Monday, January 6th, 2019. If you
will not be back by this date, please make appropriate arrangements with Joe Rogal.
The building will be locked over the holidays (closed as of 4pm on December 20th and reopens
on Jan. 6th at 8:45 am) and there will not be any access during this time.

Thank you for your cooperation.