ARC 381: Digital Delicious (Technology Studio 4)

ARC 381: Digital Delicious (Technology Studio 4) is a course led by Sessional Lecturer Andy Bako. For the winter 2022 reviews, students were tasked with the design of a mixed-reality food market, located in the Oakwood-Vaughn neighborhood of Toronto.

The studio’s objective is to address the future of socialization, community and urban indulgence. These proposals mediate between virtual experimentation and the physicality of the constructed architectural object.  

Birthday Everyday

Students: Sadat Anwar, Diba Pourzandi , Gillian Clayton

The project deals with themes of childhood amusement, nostalgia, and ephemeral urban delights. 

Flesh Fruit Market

Students: Ashvin Baskaran, Rafia Jabeen and Ross Cocks

This project features two primary tectonic languages – fruit flesh and abstract “blades”. 

Phy/gital marketplace

Students: Hibaba Elezaby, Haneyah Saleem and Samiha Tahsin