ARC100: Drawing and Representation 1

Drawing and Representation 1 is an introductory course for first-year undergraduates. Students are introduced to the theories and techniques of visual communication and representation used in the design disciplines.

Ariel Clipperton

Ariel writes: "In this drawing, I wanted to illustrate the idea of isolation and transform the rooms we have all been confined to into comfortable spaces. I have spent the last month in the same residence building, meaning I have been exposed to very little of Toronto. In this drawing, the callouts act as a series that progress through space, beginning with the Toronto skyline and then visualizing the way through my building and into my room. The building floating in space reflects the isolation of the pandemic, and the figure looking into the sky shows how we are trapped in our rooms looking outwards at the world around us, because that is the best we can do right now."

(Instructor: Genevieve Simms)


Timothy Fung

Timothy writes: "Don't Worry, We're OK shows our experience at home during quarantine in a more positive light, with themes like family, self-improvement, love, and relaxation throughout a middle-class condo. The project follows the story of a single mom moving in with her son and trying to focus on the bright side of things."

(Instructor: Jamie Lipson)


Jana Rumjanceva

Jana writes: "This is a surrealist exploration of all the contrasts inherent in a bedroom in the GTA suburbs. The posters that would typically be covering the walls are floating and peeling off, expanding beyond the borders of the room and extruding into 3D shapes, all to juxtapose the highly technical, dry architectural drawings with more organic, illustrative visuals. The life and warmth of the room persists through the drawings, despite the coldness of the cookie-cutter townhouses."

(Instructor: Chloe Town)


Darya Mischenko

Darya writes: "This project presents the routine of an ordinary office worker. From the top to the bottom there are rooms present in the daily routine of the character, starting and ending with his bedroom. The long yellow wall in the centre is a time reference that accompanies the main character throughout the day.

His simple routine is presented in bright, multicoloured shades with rather thick cartoon lines. Everyone can decorate their day in colours and turn their routine into something pleasant."

(Instructor: David Verbeek)


Ada Xu

Ada writes: "Can anyone ever escape from the overlords of global cyber control? This drawing shows how people live during the information age, especially during the pandemic: working from home, searching the internet, ordering food."

(Instructor: Fiona Lim Tung)


Leah Nemchin-Cossman

Leah writes: "For my project, I was inspired by LEGO instructions. I wanted to build a new space based on my room. So I took the existing bay window that I spend most of my time in and superimposed it on different walls in my room and explored how this change would affect the space and my experience."

(Instructor: Tom Ngo)


Zoe Kiang

Zoe writes: "I titled this 'MasterChef Jr.' My goal was to make the drawing as fun and engaging as possible for viewers. I tried to make all the figures interactive and connected with one another to create a sense of ordered chaos. The callouts around my central image were inspired by activities I usually like to do."

(Instructor: Andrea Rodriguez Fos)


Xianni Zhou

Xianni writes: "This drawing shows a comparison between dream and reality, capturing my self-isolated life and surrounding environment during the pandemic."

(Instructor: Daniel Briker)


Samantha Gillham

Samantha writes: "This drawing explores the duality of the mundane and the unknown in a fantastical way. The right side represents the daytime, where a girl is partaking in mundane and peaceful activities with her dog in a shut-off room, but to the left side it becomes night, and a strange person appears that forces the girl to escape the comforts of her room into the unknown night. The drawing uses hand-drawn elements layered on the stiffer architectural drawings for an organic look and to emphasize the storytelling aspect."

(Instructor: Nicholas Barrette)


Yazmin Enriquez de la Cruz

Yazmin writes: "This project is focused on how nature has shaped the experience inside my house. It brings in the feeling of freedom, especially during the quarantine. Natural elements are like sources of light and happiness. Watercolours were used to display this feeling, as nature affects everything around them. This exploration begins with a person going around the spaces and interacting with the green. The perspectives work as a lens on the experience inside and outside the house. Altogether, the drawing shows the influence of nature in an enclosed space, from my personal viewpoint."

(Instructor: Nuria Montblanch)


May Sato Bouziri

May writes: "'Time Zones' explores the isolating experience of living in two different time zones: in Toronto, when I'm in my room, and back to Dubai when I step outside of it. Boxed in the 'square' of the building and of the page, the panels borrow my room's and the building's proportions, mapping my use of the space. The blue night and yellow day are flipped around in my room, sitting at the edge."

(Instructor: Danielle Whitley)


Charlene Valenzuela

Charlene writes: "This drawing is a comment on the idea that we are never fully in control of our actions. Our motivations and movements strain from someone else’s hand. The intention of this drawing was to juxtapose the fun and playful idea of a board game with the bleak reality of routine life that is intensified during this pandemic."

(Instructor: Anne Ma)