Anh Luu and Bai Xi, “Growing Fire”

As a response to the Calls to Action for Truth and Reconciliation, "Growing Fire: Indigenous space for University of Toronto campus" creates an orientation program educating students on the Indigenous history of the University of Toronto’s St. George campus through landscape, ceremony, and practice. The design incorporates water, fire, and valuable plants in Anishinaabe culture to create a Ceremonial Plaza and a series of planters. With the sacred fire beginning the orientation, its spirit continues to bloom through the red and orange planting palette. Students learn to nurture, harvest and gift these plants to the next cohort—fostering an everlasting cycle of care, learning, and sharing. 

Instructors: Elise Shelley, Terence Radford, Agata Mrozowski 

Course: LAN1012 Landscape Architecture Design Studio 2: Landscape and Culture