Eleni Lavasidis, “Floral Fragments”

A Mosaic titled Floral Fragments, by third-year Visual Studies and Art History student Eleni Lavasidis was created for the Visual Studies course VIS 322 (The Constructed Image)

As part of a Conceptual Construction assignment, instructor Erdem Taşdelen tasked students with developing a conceptual framework around a topic of their interest as it relates to communities that they associate with. Students were provided a list of words to consider and student Lavasidis chose the words "collection" and "transformation."

Project Description

Lavasidis describes the piece as a metaphor for change.

"The idea behind it has a lot to do with the symbolism of mosaics: broken parts being placed back together and recycled into a new form. I focused on the ideas of collection and transformation. The process involved a transformation of collected ceramics from my parents' and grandparents' cupboards. The ceramics were chipped or already broken so I repurposed them into a piece that can be enjoyed again as art. The idea of the collection is specifically important to me because the items I gathered each have their own significance and memories that go along with them. The making of this mosaic was a long process. The ceramics needed to be cut smaller and meticulously arranged in a position that could accommodate the image I was trying to create, as well as the grouting afterward. The image evolved from an abstract mosaic into a floral artwork the more I moved all the pieces around. I also simply enjoy trying to make fine art out of everyday items; it shows the viewer a new way of looking at something, which is always a good thing."