fion kong and matt arnott landscape project

Fion Kong and Matt Arnott, "The Global Declaration on the Rights of Plant Beings"

This project foregrounds instating plants around the globe with a set of rights. We have used the west campus of the University of Toronto as an experimental ground to examine the spatial ramifications of observing said rights—by asking the question: how do cities change when we prioritize the connection and community of plant beings? By observing the Global Declaration on the Rights of Plant Beings, we sought to explore how the designer’s instinct to prioritize people's experience could be softened—imbuing the realm of plant beings with a greater degree of care and compassion.

Course: Landscape Architecture Design Studio 2 (LAN1012)

Program: Master of Landscape Architecture

Instructors: Elise Shelley, Terrance Radford, Agata Mrozowski