Jiazhi (Jake) Yin, "Resilient Aquaculture Armor: Reimagining the Aqua‐scape of Littoral Zone"

Project Description:

By analyzing a land reclamation plan in Wuchuan, a coastal city with a disaster‐prone economic fringe and aquaculture‐focused identity, this project reimagines a response to the typical coastal land reclamation practiced in Chinese littoral cities, such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The project discusses the coastal development modes between typical land reclamation with artificial seawalls and aqua‐cultural landscape with hydrological gradient. The design proposes integrating aquaculture and urban growth as Resilient Aquaculture Armor. The project aspires to support and expand the roles that aquacultures play in building resilient coastlines, urban ecologies, and a cohabited public realm.

The design concepts create a series of productive landscapes and attractive places, formalizing a compelling resilient landscape that is beneficial to dealing with the littoral urban growth and revegetating dynamic coastal ecosystem. This project serves as a design proposal showing how the monofunctional aquaculture landscape with cultural characteristics and sustains local livelihood inspires the city's future development.

Advisor: Fadi Masoud


This project has received an honourable mention of Non Architecture Award Competition, which aims to find unconventional and unexplored design solutions in the field of architecture. The award honours projects that are unbuilt and unbuildable either because they were designed to stay as such, or because their innovative charge brought them into the realm of the unpractical.

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