lola ajao mvs thesis

Omolola Ajao, "I Believe I Saw Aliens"

“I Believe I Saw Aliens,” is a two-channel video that is a speculation of public Black performance on the stage of anti-black conditions. The frame is textually embodied and subjectively narrated, this work is formed as an analytical/poetic reflection upon Black presence and Black futurity. Decisively, the work is immediately framed in the artist’s viewpoint, but in a dizzying, unclear, strange affective place of orbiting, of movement, of exchanging sight around what is human or not.

On the 1960's stage of talk shows, the artist is thinking through what is the allowance, the effectiveness of a visual Black narrative within a white system. What is its expectation, to underscore, to continue, to make regular violences of or can it disassemble a continued relation of Blackness, where the expectation is white understanding, even when Black subjectivity is invited into the atmosphere.

Program: Master of Visual Studies in Studio Art

Thesis Advisors: Zach Blas and Jean-Paul Kelly