Working with Wood

ARC426H1 S
Instructor: Ted Kesik & Sally Krigstin
Meeting Section: L0101
Winter 2023

Prerequisite:  one or more university level course(s) in Science and/or Mathematics

Wood has been an important building material throughout the ages and in today's world has taken on the added importance of being a renewable and sustainable material that assists with greenhouse gas mitigation strategies. This course will provide students with an understanding of wood’s unique physical properties, the variability of these properties within different species and how these properties can inform its proper use in various applications. The Canadian forestry industry sets the context for this course acknowledging that forests transcend political borders and reach around the world. This new elective course is delivered through lectures and labs. Evaluation comprises quizzes, lab reports, a minor and a major project. Guest speakers and/or field trips will augment the lectures and labs as permitted.