2022-2023 Course Enrolment: 4th year

Dear 4th year Daniels students,  

If you have completed 14.0 credits by the end of the summer, your year of study is 4.  

Fall-Winter Course Enrollment begins: July 11, 2021.  


Start Times: You can check your specific start time on ACORN starting today July 4, 2022  

Timetables: NEW this year! You can build your timetable and search for courses here  

  • Choose our Faculty John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design  
  • You may also view and enrol in electives from the Faculty of Arts & Science’   

Enrollment Guide: A complete course enrollment and registration guide is available online.   


Important Dates: Students must make themselves aware of their 2022-2023 Academic Dates and deadlines.  



  • Results from the ARC400-level topics balloting will be made available by July 6th   
  • Students who completed the ballot will ONLY be placed in the number of electives you require to satisfy your ARC 400-level course requirements for June 2023 graduation. Students who currently fulfill all of their 400-level course requirements (including current summer enrolment) will not be placed in any additional 400-level courses.  

  • Students who did not complete the ballot may enrol in 400-level courses when course enrollment begins. 


Senior Seminars & Research Thesis   

  • Senior Research Thesis Applications have now closed. Successful candidates will be notified by July 6th and their courses will be added on ACORN by the Office of the Registrar and Student Services.  


Helpful Notes:  

  • Graduating students: 4th year students who are on track to complete their degree by the end of the Fall/Winter 2022-2023 session should be extra careful to ensure that course selection enables all program and degree requirements to be completed. Once courses have been added, check Degree Explorer. The status in both program and degree requirements should say “pending”.   
  • Degree Explorer Tool: Remember that you can track your degree and program status on Degree Explorer. Once you have added your courses on ACORN, check Degree Explorer.    
  • Academic Calendar: The 2022-2023 Academic Calendar is available to review program and degree requirements. As a reminder, students should follow their requirements from the year they began their degree and the year they began their program.  
  • Pre-requisites: Check carefully. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for the most up-to-date information on pre-requisites. Students who enroll in courses without the proper pre-requisite will be removed. 
  • ACORN Enrollment Cart: You are able to add your courses into your enrollment cart prior to your start time. REMEMBER that you still have to click the 'Enroll' button on July 11 to officially add each course, if space is available. That is, students will not be enrolled in courses from the cart automatically.  
    • As a reminder, you may only enrol in a total of 5 credits for the year/ 2.5 credits per term in the initial enrolment period.  
    • Course capacities numbers will be updated. The current numbers are placeholders.  
  • Enrollment Indicators: Many courses have enrollment indicators and controls. If you get an 'Enrollment Blocked' message when you try to add a course to your enrollment cart on ACORN, it most likely means that you don't meet the enrollment control to add the course on your start date. Please check the Timetable listings for any enrollment conditions on your courses.   
  • Conflict-free timetable: Students are responsible for ensuring that they have enrolled themselves into a conflict-free timetable. ACORN does not check for conflicts.  
    • New to the 2022-23 academic session, Daniels Faculty Undergraduate Course are now available thorough the Timetable Builder webpage.  
  • Course Delivery: unless indicated otherwise, Daniels courses will be held in person on campus at set times as scheduled in the timetable. 
  • Tuition Fees and Fees Payment: Information will be communicated to you by email later in July.  


Office of the Registrar and Student Services 

Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto 

1 Spadina Crescent, Room 100 

Toronto, ON   M5S 2J5 

T: 416-946-3897 

E: registrar@daniels.utoronto.ca