book covers for fall reading group

Community for Belonging Reading Group


Eberhard Zeidler Library, Daniels Building
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In October, the Daniels Faculty continues its Community for Belonging Reading Group, an initiative launched in February 2023. The initiative focuses on raising awareness of the broad spectrum of identities within the Daniels Faculty community and provides a platform for engagement, interaction and discussion.

Each of the texts in the series is written by, about or for communities that have been historically underrepresented in architecture, design, visual studies and forestry, with the chosen titles meant to serve as springboards for intentional conversations about inclusion and belonging.

The theme for the October Reading Group is Disability and Access in the Built Environment. The texts to be discussed are David Gissen’s The Architecture of Disability: Buildings, Cities, and Landscapes Beyond Access and Sara Hendren’s What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World.

The first 30 registrants will receive a copy of one of the two discussion books.

The Community for Belonging Reading Group is sponsored by U of T Affinity Partners, Manulife and TD Insurance.