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On Exchange

Daniels Students who are interested in studying abroad and completing courses at another academic institution may be eligible to apply for an Outbound Exchange. Outbound Exchanges are run by the Centre for International Experience at the University of Toronto. Students in the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design can earn Faculty of Arts and Science credits while on exchange. Students who wish to earn Architecture or Visual Studies credits, should contact the partner institution or the CIE to verify that the courses they wish to take are open to exchange students. All students considering an Outbound Exchange must review the Daniels Faculty Guidelines for Outbound Exchange below. 

The CIE hosts Learning Abroad Info. Sessions and please see their Events page for details.

The deadline to apply for Fall 2020 & Full-Year 2020-21 Exchange is January 14, 2020. For Winter 2021 Exchange, the deadline is April 1, 2020.

Student are also encouraged to consider taking part in a U of T Summer Abroad course. The deadline to apply for Round One of a Summer Abroad course in Summer 2020 is December 3, 2019 and for Round Two it is February 3, 2020. 

Eligibility for Outbound Exchange

  • Be a degree-seeking student within the Daniels Faculty
  • Completed at least 4.0 credits at U of T before participating in an exchange
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.25
  • Not have already received 7.5 transfer credits (including on admission transfer credits)

Step 1: Apply for Outbound Exchange

All students are required to apply for Outbound Exchange through the Centre for International Experience. You can access the application and more information online here. When looking into opportunities to learn abroad, pay close attention to the eligibility requirements as they vary by program. Some opportunities may be open to specific Faculties or programs, and they usually require minimum credits and GPA. The deadlines are also program specific. Check the Learning Abroad website for details. 

Step 2: Once you receive approval for exchange (in addition to all steps required by the CIE)

  • Check the course offerings at the partner institution and decide which courses you are interested in taking
  • Review potential course equivalences on Transfer Explorer
  • Collect all course syllabi for the courses you are interested in taking, from the partner institution
  • Submit an Outbound Exchange Pre-Assessment request along with all course syllabi to This must be submitted no later than 8 weeks prior to your departure. The courses will then be assessed for transfer credit eligibility and you will receive a completed pre-assessment for your records

Step 3: While you are away

  • If there are any changes to your course schedule, you are expected to contact; including any additional courses you are interested in completing as well as the corresponding course syllabi
  • Ensure that you retain all completed course work and any additional course descriptions, reading lists and/or syllabi
  • Arrange for your official transcript to be sent directly to CIE (Student Exchange Program, 33 St. George St, Toronto, ON M5S 2E3)

Step 4: Upon your return

  • If you did not complete a pre-assessment prior to departure, complete the Outbound Exchange Transfer Credit Assessment form and submit it to the Daniels Faculty
  • A final assessment will be completed and all approved courses will be added to your student record (processing time is 6-8 weeks)
  • An email notification will be sent to you once your credits have been awarded and are viewable on Degree Explorer

Important Notes

Be advised that courses students are interested in completing on exchange must be pre-assessed, prior to leaving for exchange, in order to determine their potential for transferability. Students may be asked to provide final projects and/or coursework in order for transfer credit to be granted, particularly for Architecture or Visual Studies courses.

If you have questions about how transfer credits earned on exchange will impact your program and/or degree requirements, please arrange to meet with the Associate Registrar, Academic Advising & Student Engagement.

Any student approved for exchange in their final year, are strongly encouraged to meet with the Associate Registrar, Academic Advising & Student Engagement, prior to departure on exchange. If you are completing your final term abroad, please note that you may have to defer your graduation to November as your exchange transcript may not be received in time for you to graduate in June. You are responsible for requesting graduation on ACORN by the deadline in the relevant session.



Call: 416-946-3897

Visit: Office of the Registrar & Student Services, Room 100