Graduate Courses and Elective Enrolment

Dear Daniels Graduate Students, 

We hope you are doing well and enjoying your last weeks of summer. 

Below is some information to help you enroll in your electives and get your academic term off to a great start.   

Course Enrolment   

  • Students have been placed into their core courses on ACORN.   
  • Elective enrolment for Fall 2022 begins tomorrow
  • Helpful Tips:   
    • You will enroll in elective courses for the fall only. Winter term elective enrollment will be available in October/November. 
    • Before adding courses, you want to carefully check that there is space, it fits your timetable, and that you have the prerequisites.   
    • ACORN Enrolment Cart: You are able to add your courses into your enrollment cart prior to your start time as of Tuesday, August 16th, however, remember that you still have to click the 'Enroll' button to officially add each course, if space is available. That is, students will not be enrolled in courses from the cart automatically.   
    • Conflict-free timetable:  Students are responsible for ensuring that they have enrolled themselves into a conflict-free timetable. ACORN does not check for conflicts.  
    • Course Delivery: Courses will be held on campus, in person at set times as scheduled in the timetable, unless indicated otherwise   

Degree Requirements:  

  • Program Degree Charts with your degree requirements are available online. Check to confirm if you have electives to take in the fall semester.  
  • Your official guide to your program requirements can be found in the SGS calendar 

Timetable & Course Descriptions:  

  • Course descriptions and timetable are available online 

ELECTIVES Enrolment Dates:  

The Elective enrolment stages for Fall 2022 are: 

Tuesday, August 16, 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.:  

  • Ph.D. (AH PHD, FO PHD, FO PHD U) 
  • Post Professional M.Arch. & M.L.A. (MARC1 and MLA 1)
  • M.Arch year 4 (AH MARC - Year of Study (YOS) 4);
  • M.Sc.F. all years (FO MSCF)

Wednesday, August 17, 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.:  

  • M.Arch. year 3 (AH MARC YOS3, AH MARC2 YOS2); 
  • M.L.A. year 3 (AH MLA YOS3, AH MLA 2 YOS2); 
  • M.U.D. year 2 (AH MUD YOS 2); 
  • M.V.S. year 2 (AH MVS YOS2); 
  • M.F.C. year 2 (AH MFC/MFC2 YOS2) 

Thursday, August 18, 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.:  

  • M.Arch year 2 (AH MARC YOS2, AH MARC2 YOS1) 
  • M.L.A. year 2 (AH MLA YOS2, AH MLA 2 YOS1) 
  • M.U.D. year 1 (AH MUD YOS1) 
  • M.V.S. year 1 (AH MVS YOS1) 
  • M.F.C. year 1 (AH MFC/MFC2 YOS1)  

Friday, August 19,  6:00 a.m.: 

  • Any/all remaining Daniels graduate students.  

Thursday, August 25 all day:  

  • ROSI/ACORN unavailable for enrolment.

Friday, August 26, 6:00AM:  

  • Overload requests can be made via ACORN

Monday, August 30:  

  • Enrolment open to outside Faculty students – add/ drop forms 

Friday, September 23: 

  • Waitlist Turns off  

Monday, September 26: 

  • Last day to add  

Important Dates & Program Specific Dates:  

  • Academic and Sessional Dates can be found here 
  • Elective enrolment begins tomorrow.    
  • August intensives | ARC1021H, ARC2042H, ALA4010H, ALA4020H, URD1021H -  begin Monday, August 22nd 
  • LAN1041H Field course – begins Monday, August 29th 
  • FOR3001H field course – begins September 9th Friday, September 9th 
  • Remainder of your grad courses begin Monday, September 12th 

Tuition Fees and Deposit: 

  • Your tuition fees are now posted to your ACORN and any scholarship you have been awarded will be paid to your ACORN account by October 15. 
  • Your $1000 admission deposit will go towards your tuition fees. 

Additional Reminders:  

We wanted to send some quick reminders and updates before you get here: 

  • Conditions: If you still have conditions listed on your offer, we have sent you a reminder, please ensure you work towards sending us your official transcript and English language test scores as soon as possible. Any delays can impact your registration. 
  • Next Steps: Check our New Grad Students page for more information on August intensive courses and orientation. 
  • Grad House: If you’re interested in graduate residence please visit Grad House 
  • Fall Semester: Fall 2022 will be in-person, on campus. 
  • International Students: If you are experiencing difficulties or have concerns regarding your arrival, please contact us immediately.  The Centre for International Experience and their advisors are available to help and support your transition 
  • TCARD & UTMail: make sure you have obtained your TCard (student card) and UofT email account. Details can be found here
  • UTogether: Please continue to check the University of Toronto’s coronavirus updates and monitor your U of T email. 


  • Virtual Drop in Appointments continue every Wednesday from 3-4pm 
  • To book an advising appointment, Monday – Friday, either in person or virtually, contact us at 

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon! 


Office of the Registrar and Student Services  

John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design 

University of Toronto 

1 Spadina Crescent, Toronto ON M5S 2J5