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Happy Holidays and Upcoming Reminders

Dear Students,

It has been a very challenging year for everyone and believe it or not, the academic term has come to an end. You have all been incredibly resilient. We are so proud of all of you and the success that you have had this term.

Below are some helpful details to close off your term and to prepare you for January. Please read through all of the information and contact us if you have any other questions.


  • The University will be closed as of 5pm today, Tuesday, December 22 until Monday, January 4, 2021.
  • The Office of the Registrar and Students services will be closed until Thursday, January 7, 2021.
  • Any and all messages sent during the closure will be responded to as soon as possible upon our return in the New Year.


  • Students can submit a petition, if they missed exams or require an extension for a final project due to exceptional circumstances. Details on petitions can be found here. The Petition form and statement should be submitted by the deadline to
  • Not all requests are granted. For example, petitions based on employment, or personal plans will not be considered.
  • The petition form is available on the Daniels website under forms.
  • All extension of time for term work must be submitted by January 11, 2021
  • All final exam petitions must be submitted by January 18, 2021.


As a reminder, due to the challenges of COVID, the deadline to request LWD or indicate CR/NCR has been extended for all Undergraduate students until January 15.

  • Students will be able to see their final grade prior to making a decision to LWD/CR/NCR a course.
  • Students planning on requesting an LWD will be able to meet with an academic advisor virtually on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 from 2-3pm
  • Students may not CR/NCR any course that is required for their program completion. Please review your Degree Explorer.


Please review your balance on your financial statement via ACORN. Monthly service charge fee billing resumes on February 15, 2021.

  • Review the academic refund dates, in case you are on the per-course fee schedule. The deadline to receive 100% refund for winter term (S) section course is January 10, 2021.
  • Per-course/ program fee assessment freeze date (S courses) is January 24, 2021. All student accounts will be reviewed for per-course fee eligibility after this date.
  • Please visit the student accounts page for more details and information.

WINTER TERM – Classes begin Monday, January 11, 2021

Now that you have completed the fall term, it is important to review your ACORN account and timetable. Some changes were made over the last couple of months in which new sections may have been added or cancelled.

Students who have a conflict in their schedule need to make the appropriate changes. You should have NO conflicts in your timetable. Students with conflicts will not be provided special accommodations.

Please ensure that you meet any prerequisite requirements specified for Winter term courses you are enrolled in. Prerequisite courses must be successfully completed prior to the start of the course in question. Daniels Faculty course prerequisites can be found in the Academic Calendar.


Please double check your timetable to ensure you have the right day/time recorded for the winter term.


  • You can use the Degree Explorer tool to check on your academic progress. This can be especially helpful for students in their final year.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for official degree requirements.
  • Deadline to enroll in winter term courses is: January 24, 2021


In order to assist you as you continue to plan for the winter term, below is a list of Daniels courses that still have spaces for you to enrol. Please review the timetable and academic calendar for course details. Do not enrol in courses for which you do not have the pre-requisites as you will be removed. For Arts & Science courses please review their timetable and academic calendar for details.

Following are a list of courses, that as of today, have space for you to enroll via ACORN. You will see that some of these are new sections that have been recently added.

As a reminder, you must enrol in one of each of the LEC, PRA and TUT section if listed. Please refer to the timetable for details.

  • JAV101H1S PRA0115 new
  • JAV130H1S LEC0107, LEC0108, LEC0113, LEC0114
  • JAV152H1S LEC5101 & TUT5115 new evening sections
  • ARC200H1S PRA0103
  • ARC201H1S PRA0109
  • ARC253H1S LEC0101
  • ARC280H1S LEC0101
  • ARC302H1S LEC0101
  • ARC352H1S LEC0101
  • ARC355H1S LEC0101
  • ARC357H1S LEC0101
  • ARC364Y1S PRA0101
  • ARC381Y1S PRA0101
  • ARC383H1S LEC0101
  • ARC384H1S LEC0101
  • ARC385H1S LEC0101
  • ARC453H1S LEC0101
  • ARC480H1S LEC0101
  • VIS203H1S PRA0101
  • VIS204H1S PRA0102
  • VIS208H1S PRA0101
  • VIS301H1S PRA0101
  • VIS303H1S PRA0101
  • VIS306H1S PRA0101 new
  • VIS323H1S PRA0101
  • VIS421H1S PRA0102

We wish all of you a safe, restful and happy holiday.

Warm Regards