09.01.17 - Instagram's influence on architecture + Adrian Phiffer's must-follow feed

“Social media is having an increasing impact on architectural education, history and practice at home and abroad,” writes Evan Pavka for Canadian Art. His article, “On Instagram, Archives and Architecture,” looks at the archival nature of social media and how  those in the field of architecture — including Daniels Faculty lecturer Adrian Phiffer — are using platforms such as instagram.

“I think the fact that we have all of these archival projects—from FuckYeahBrutalism to Archive of Affinities—has such a huge impact on how the practice is happening these days, because we are operating by accessing and looking at these archives as a way to project future projects,” Phiffer told Pavka.

In September, ArchDaily listed Phiffer’s instagram feed among "25 Architecture Instagram Feeds to Follow Now."

Read the full article on Canadian Art’s website.

Visit Adrian Phiffer's instagram account: @officeofadrianphiffer

Photo above courtesy of @officeofadrianphiffer