Reread of a Daniels Faculty Exam

If a student believes that a Daniels Faculty final examination has been incorrectly marked, or that a portion of the examination has not been marked, the student may request a reread of the final examination. To request a reread of a Daniels Faculty exam, the student must first request a viewing of the examination.

Once the student has viewed the final examination at the scheduled appointment time, the student must then fill out the Request for Reread of Daniels Faculty Examination and submit it to the Office of the Registrar and Student Services within six months of the final examination (deadlines below). The student must demonstrate that his/her answers are substantially correct by citing specific instances of disagreement, supported by relevant evidence including course handouts, textbooks, and lectures notes. The student must not merely indicate a desire for an increased grade without providing significant supporting documentation. The Daniels Faculty will reread the examination in the context of the student statement and supporting documentation.

There is a $36 fee for an examination reread. This fee must be submitted as a cash or as a certified cheque or money order, payable to the University of Toronto. If the examination grade is changed as a result of this review, the examination reread fee will be refunded.

Note that a reread of a final examination may result in a raised grade on the examination, a lowered on the examination, or no change in the examination grade.


The deadlines for requesting a recheck of a Daniels Faculty course mark and for requesting a reread of a Daniels Faculty final examination are as follows:

  • December examinations: the following June 30
  • February examinations: the following August 31
  • April examinations: the following October 31
  • June examinations: the following January 15
  • August examinations: the following February 28/29

Any request submitted after the above deadlines will not be considered. Submit the completed form and relevant payment - payable by cash, credit, debit, certified cheque or money order - in person to:

Office of the Registrar and Student Services
John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
University of Toronto
1 Spadina Cresent
Toronto, ON M5S 2RJ