Tuition Fees

Registration Deadline

What is the difference between enrolment and registration? To enrol, you add courses. To register, you pay your tuition and incidental fees, or register without payment (defer fees).

Students must check their Account Invoice on the Student Web Service/ACORN, where they will find their account balance, other account details, and a link to the fee payment and service charge billing schedules on the Student Accounts website. The Student Accounts website posts all official fee information. Please familiarize yourself with this information as it is your responsibility to fund your studies and to make yourself aware of payment deadlines.

How to Register for Fall-Winter

Tuition Fees, Payments and Deferrals  - review this document for details on how to register for the upcoming academic year. 

Fees for the upcoming academic year will be posted on the Student Accounts Office website in mid-July. In addition to tuition fees, students are required to pay incidental fees. These include campus fees, student society fees and, in some professional programs, a placement fee. International students must also pay for the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).

Research Stream Students in the Funded Cohort, who are still eligible to receive funding as part of the Daniels Faculty funding commitment must defer their fees on ACORN. Please see the following link for instructions on how to request a fee deferral:  Fee Deferral - Grad Student - YouTube.

Once the tuition fee deferral process is completed, students are considered ‘registered’.  All funding payments inclusive of tuition fees will be processed in appropriate installments after registration. Detailed funding packages for the upcoming academic year will be sent to in-cohort students by the last day August.

Research Stream Students outside the Funded Cohort, may be eligible to request a tuition fees deferral if there is no outstanding fee balance from a previous session. Please note that any outstanding balances must be cleared as soon as possible and in advance of applying for a fees deferral, failure to pay outstanding balances will cancel the eligibility to register for the upcoming academic year. Please refer to the Tuition Fees, Payments, and Deferrals instructions for your next steps in requesting a deferral. 

Late registration fees for the Fall session are assessed for any outstanding fees as per the SGS deadlines. We therefore, recommend that you pay your fees at a Canadian bank or financial institution 10 business days before the deadline, to allow for processing time.

*Students cannot defer their fees if they have any outstanding fees (arrears) from a previous academic session.

Detailed information, including tuition, refund schedules, requesting to register without payment, and payment and service charge deadlines, is available on the Student Accounts website. General fees information can also be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.