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2021-22 Course Enrolment: 2nd Year

Dear 2nd year Daniels students,

If you have between 4.0 and 8.5 credits by the end of the summer, your year of study is 2.

Fall-Winter Course Enrollment begins July 19, 2021.

Start Times

You can now check your specific start time on ACORN.


Important DatesStudents must make themselves aware of their 2021-2022 Sessional Dates and deadlines.

Enrollment Guide: A complete course enrollment and registration guide is available online.  

Helpful Notes:

Program of Study requirements:  Students in the Comprehensive Specialist who would like to apply for the Design, Technology or History & Theory specialist need to enroll in the appropriate courses prior to their application.  These courses can be verified in the Academic Calendar. Application information will be made available in the winter term. 

Pre-requisites: Check carefully.  Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for the most up-to-date information on pre-requisites.  Students who enroll in courses without the proper pre-requisite will be removed. 

Conflict-free timetable:  Students are responsible for ensuring that they have enrolled themselves into a conflict-free timetable. ACORN does not check for conflicts.

Degree Explorer Tool: Remember that you can track your degree program status on Degree Explorer. Once you have added your courses on ACORN, check Degree Explorer

Academic Calendar: The 2021-2022 Academic Calendar is available to review program and degree requirements. As a reminder, students should follow their requirements from the year they began their degree and the year they began their program.

Course Delivery: Courses will be held on campus at set times as scheduled in the timetable.

Tuition Fees and Fees Payment: Information will be emailed next week, July 12-16.