2021-22 Course Enrolment: 3rd Year

Dear 3rd year Daniels students,

If you have between 9.0 and 13.5 credits by the end of the summer, your year of study is 3.

Fall-Winter Course Enrollment begins July 15, 2021.

Start Times

You can now check your specific start time on ACORN.


Important DatesStudents must make themselves aware of their 2021-2022 Sessional Dates and deadlines.

Enrollment Guide: A complete course enrollment and registration guide is available online.  

Helpful Notes:

Pre-requisites: Check carefully.  Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for the most up-to-date information on pre-requisites.  Students who enroll in courses without the proper pre-requisite will be removed. 

Conflict-free timetable:  Students are responsible for ensuring that they have enrolled themselves into a conflict-free timetable. ACORN does not check for conflicts.

Degree Explorer Tool: Remember that you can track your degree program status on Degree Explorer. Once you have added your courses on ACORN, check Degree Explorer

Academic Calendar: The 2021-2022 Academic Calendar is available to review program and degree requirements. As a reminder, students should follow their requirements from the year they began their degree and the year they began their program.

Course Delivery: Courses will be held on campus at set times as scheduled in the timetable.

Tuition Fees and Fees Payment: Information will be emailed next week, July 12-16.