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Print, Plot, and Scan

The Faculty Provides Printing Services For:

  • Colour printing using high-quality, large-format printers
  • Laser printers for both color and black & white output
  • ‘Plotters’ or large format printers

The most common method of printing is to use one of the lab computers to send your print jobs to the printers. Printing via your own computer on the wireless network is possible only for the laser printers and not the large-format printers.

Printing is provided on a fee-for-use basis. As a student or faculty member, you are given an account linked to your computer login that allows you to deposit money in advance of printing.

The Faculty's pricing is competitive with other private printing services. Our goal is to provide convenient in-house facilities while recovering costs so that the printing facility can be self-funded for maintaining equipment and purchasing supplies.

Printing Support

Please note that the Printing Facilities involve highly sophisticated and automated systems configured to process and account for your laser and large-format prints. Although printing services are available 24 hours, IT support can only be provided during normal IT department hours.

Despite our best efforts, systems do fail which could lead to a portion or all of the printing systems not being available until the next business day. All of the printing devices need regular attention for maintenance, changing ink, paper, and modular hardware components. This type of servicing is available during regular IT business hours 10-4 PM Monday to Friday, and by Student Support Staff until 11 pm most weekdays and weekends. Please refer to the schedule for more details. Changing of paper, ink, and supplies is not available after these hours and supplies can often run out during high demand times like final reviews.

Large Format Printing Time

Typical large-format printing will take 5-10 min. to process and another 5-10 min. to print via webplot; if there are no other jobs queued before your job. (The OCE is much faster). In the Webplot during peak periods, (reviews) there could be a backlog of several hours from previously queued jobs waiting to be printed. Up to a 4-5 hour wait is not uncommon the evening before or the day of a review.

Full support for these devices is only available during regular business hours, with limited secondary support evenings and weekends provided by Student Support Staff. Please plan accordingly and check the status of the queue, via the web, before deciding to print.