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Jane Wolff

Associate Professor
T 416-978-8129

Jane Wolff was educated as a documentary filmmaker and landscape architect at Harvard University. Her internationally recognized work on cultural landscapes deals with the hybrid ecologies formed by interactions between environmental processes and human intervention. The author of Delta Primer: a field guide to the California Delta, she is a partner in the Gutter to Gulf initiative, which provides information about urban infrastructure and ecology in New Orleans through its website,

Ms. Wolff recently completed Bay Lexicon, an exhibit commissioned by the Exploratorium of San Francisco to define place-based language for San Francisco’s shoreline, and is preparing a book manuscript by the same name. She has also begun work an atlas of Toronto’s landscape as infrastructure. In addition to her teaching and research projects, she serves as a member of the Design Review Board of Waterfront Toronto and is on the board of the Landscape Architecture Foundation. Ms. Wolff’s work has been supported by two Fulbright scholarships and by research grants from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the Graham Foundation, the Great Valley Center, the LEF Foundation, Ohio State University, the University of Toronto, the Exploratorium, and the Seed Fund of San Francisco. In 2006, she was Beatrix Farrand distinguished visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley.