In recent decades, parametric modelling and digital fabrication techniques have revolutionized the practice of architecture and design, allowing practitioners to experiment with intricate geometries, incorporate new materials, and imagine projects of greater complexity.

The Daniels Faculty’s digital fabrication laboratory and high-bay construction area offers a variety of computationally controlled technologies, including large three-axis and four-axis CNC, waterjet cutter, three fused deposition modelling rapid-prototyping systems, two large binder-jet full colour 3D printers, a monochrome binder-jet 3D printer, a 3D digitizer, a 3D laser scanner, and six laser cutters.

The fabrication lab at One Spadina takes centre stage, providing students and others with first-hand views into the laboratory from the east-west “street” that runs through the centre of the building, connecting all Faculty functions.

Adjacent to the digital fabrication laboratory, The Daniels Faculty’s construction workshop includes a full metal and woodworking shop, an assembly space, spray booth, and a large array of materials and tools.

Located on the first floor, overlooking the fabrication lab, the Faculty’s computing facilities offer photography and audio-visual resources, printers, plotters, photocopiers and scanners, LCD screens, a variety of relevant software, and IT support staff to assist with various computing needs.

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