Fees & Financial Support

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Here you will find information on fees. You will be able to see how much tuition and certain services at the Daniels Faculty will cost. The largest expense will be the annual tuition fees and residence (if applicable). You will also need to consider other expenses such as living costs, accommodation fees and study materials. A wide range of financial support is available to help you cover the cost of your studies, throughout the duration of your degree.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees, Payments and Deferrals - review this document for details on how to register for the upcoming academic year.

U of T does not mail fee invoices to students. You are informed of fees payable by way of the Student Web Service (ACORN) where you may view your account in invoice format. Every transaction is posted to your account. All students are expected to monitor all account activity. Tuition is updated in real time and always reflects the most current situation. If you have been offered admission to more than one University of Toronto Faculty/graduate unit, you must notify each Faculty/graduate unit of your decision to accept/decline their offers of admission. Otherwise, you will be invoiced for all programs to which you have been admitted.

Once your fees are paid, you will be considered a registered student. You must pay the minimum payment to register or your full fees by the deadline for that semester. Graduate and Undergraduate deadlines vary. For registration steps and deadlines and current tuition fee schedules, visit the Student Accounts website.

Information on tuition fees for Undergraduate students may be found here: https://studentaccount.utoronto.ca

Program Tuition Fees vs. Per-Course Tuition Fees

All students are charged a program fee. If students plan to take 3.5 FCEs or less, they may qualify for a per course fee. For advice on per course eligibility, contact registrar@daniels.utoronto.ca.

ACORN uses a student’s POSt code (program of study code) to determine which fee type to use for tuition assessment. Undergraduate degree students in the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design Architecture stream will have a POSt code of AHPRGHBA (program fee) or AHCRSHBA (per course fee) in each session and Visual Studies students will have a POSt code of AHPRGHBA V (program fee) or AHCRSHBA V (per course fee). All students are initially enrolled at the beginning of the Fall/Winter session in the AHPRGHBA/AHPRGHBA V POSt code which allows them to enrol in a maximum number of courses.  In the Summer session, regardless of the POSt code, only per course fees are charged.

Students who are registered with Accessibility Services who have received approval from their Accessibility Services Counsellor to take a reduced course load are handled differently and should consult with the Office of the Registrar and Student Services directly for information about their fees assessment.

AHPRGHBA/AHPRGHBA V students are able to add a maximum of 5.0 full course equivalents (FCEs) with a status of ACT(ive)/REQ(uested)/INT(erim)/WAITlisted initially and then a maximum of 6.0 after priorities are lifted. AHCRSHBA/AHCRSHBA V students are able to add a maximum of 3.5 FCEs with a status of ACT(ive)/ REQ(uested)/INT(erim)/WAITlisted.

Following the last day to add courses in January, the Office of the Registrar and Student Services conducts a fees assessment cleanup where all student accounts are reviewed. Where students are found to qualify for per course fee charges, adjustments will be made to eligible student accounts by the end of January. N.B. Any service charges that have accrued on outstanding balances in a student’s account prior to transferring to a per course fee are non-refundable. Service charges for unpaid student accounts begin October 15th.

For specific details on when and how service charges accrue, please visit the University of Toronto Fees website.

If students are certain they will have a ‘course load count for program vs. course fee assessment' (Section A) of 3.5 FCEs or less over the fall/winter session, they may request to be transferred into the AHCRSHBA/AHCRSHBA V (per course fee) POSt before the January fees assessment cleanup by filling out the Tuition Fee Assessment Change Request form.  All requests received up to last day to add classes in September will be processed by the end of September (prior to the first service charge accrual date in October).  Requests received after the last day to add classes in September until the end of December will be processed on an ongoing basis. Please note that we are unable to accept requests to move to per course fee after December and all eligible students will be included in the January fees assessment cleanup.

Students who file a request to move to per course fees POSts need to remember that ACORN will enforce a maximum course enrolment limit of 3.5 FCEs for AHCRSHBA/ AHCRSHBA V POSts (Section B). Only under exceptional circumstances will the Office of the Registrar consider a request to return to a program fee POSt from the per course fee POSt.

Section A: Course Load Count for program vs. course fee assessment: How to Calculate Your Course Load

To calculate the ‘Course Load Count for program vs. course fee assessment’, include the FCE values for all courses in both the Fall and Winter Sessions (i.e. all REQ(uested), INT(erim), WAIT(listed) and ACT(ive)), as of the last day to add classes in September for F (fall) and Y (full year) courses and as of the last day to add classes in January for S (spring) courses.  For specific dates, refer to the current Sessional Dates.

(Course enrolments are ‘locked’ as of midnight on the last day to add courses each session for the program vs. per course fee calculations.  The Course Load Count for program vs. course fee assessment also includes any F, Y or S courses in which late enrolment, beyond the course add deadline, has been granted.)

To calculate your ‘course load count for program vs. course fee assessment':

F + Y courses (as of the last day to enrol in F and Y section courses)
S courses (as of the last day to enrol in S section courses)
any late course additions (made after either of the two dates indicated above)

Students with 4.0 FCEs or more are charged the Program Fee and students with 3.5 FCEs or fewer are charged per Course Fees.

Section B: Maximum Course Load enrolment limits – Warning

ACORN does not pay attention to the ‘lock’ dates used in ‘course load count for program vs. course fee assessment’ when enforcing maximum course loads for enrolment purposes. ACORN uses the sum of all the FCEs in which you are enrolled to enforce the maximum course load enrolment limits. ACORN will allow students in an AHCRSHBA/AHCRSHBA V POSt to add additional S courses, if they cancel F & Y courses after the September ‘lock’ date, up to a maximum of 3.5 FCEs. If a student’s ‘course load count for program vs. course fee assessment’ is 4.0 or more, the fee assessment cleanup process that occurs at the end of January will identify these students and their POSt code will be reverted to AHPRGHBA/AHPRGHBA V (program fee).  As soon as the POSt code changes back to program fee assessment, the outstanding balance begins accruing service charges at the next service charge accrual date.

See the charts below for a sample description and graphical representation of what would occur in this scenario.


Sangeeta is enrolled in 5.0 FCEs over the fall winter (Chart A) and decides by the end of the second week that she would like to carry a lighter course load and cancels JAV130H1S, and GER100Y1Y by the last day to add F & Y classes (Chart B) which reduces her course load count to 3.5. She feels confident that she will be completing only 3.5 courses this year and submits a request to change her fees assessment from Program Fee to Course Fees. After her fees are adjusted, she requests and receives a refund of the credit balance in her Student Account. Sangeeta decides later in the session to cancel JAV120H1F as well and ACORN allows her to add JAV130H1S back to second term. Sangeeta has forgotten that the way ACORN calculates maximum course enrolment differs from the way the ‘Course Load Count for program vs. course fee assessment’ is calculated and stays enrolled in JAV130H1S until after the January count date (Chart C). She then cancels JAV130H1S a second time after the last day to add S term classes  (Chart D) assuming this will reduce her course load for fees assessment as she hasn’t been keeping track of the ‘lock’ dates.  In late January, after the fee assessment cleanup process occurs, Sangeeta’s account is showing 4.0 for her ‘course load count for program vs. course fee assessment’ as the JAV120H1F and JAV130H1S she cancelled are both included in her total.

F+Y courses (as of the last day to add F/Y courses) + S courses (as of the last day to add S courses) = Course Load Count for Fees
In this example, 2.0 locked 'F/Y' FCEs + 2.0 locked 'S' FCEs = 4.0 FCEs 

Following the fee assessment cleanup process, Sangeeta's POSt is adjusted back to AHPRGHBA/AHPRGHBA V and her Student Account now has a full program fee in lieu of per course fees. Sangeeta receives a notice of her fee reassessment in late January (well after the last day to add S courses).

(N.B.: Sept/Jan dates shown below are from 2018 sample.  See current sessional events listing for the current F&Y last day to add and S last day to add.) 

Ancillary Fees

Please note the Ancillary Fees highlighted below for your reference. A complete listing may be found on the University of Toronto's Planning and Budget website at: Ancillary Fees – Planning and Budget (utoronto.ca)

If you are a new student who would like to pay your FOB access key deposit or a current student in need of a replacement FOB, please see Category 6.6 below.

Category 5 - Cost Recovery Fees
These fees are chargeable to students for the costs of materials/rentals required for the programs.

Fee Description Compulsory/(O) Optional Amount
Category 5.1 Publications, case studies, lab manuals

Category 5.2 Field Trips

Category 5.3 Clothing

Category 5.4 Equipment purchases that become the property of the student

Category 5.5 Equipment rentals that, for the period of rental, come into the individual possession of the student

Category 5.6 Other goods and services provided individually to students for their exclusive use

Category 5.7 Materials, services or licenses where the university acts as a broker with a vendor for the student

Locker Rental Fee O $25.00
Laptop Computer Rental - per week O $35.00
2D Printing/Plotting Fee per page  O $.10 - $10.00
Workshop Materials (including wood of various types and sizes, plastics, styrofoam, starch powder, etc.) - per sq./lin ft. $.90 - $93.00
Summer workshop  O $350.00
Computer Licence Brokerage Fee -Undergraduate- each of years 1,2,3,4 C $120.00

Category 6 - Administrative User Fees and Fines

These fees are chargeable to students for the provision of certain services to students. They are not compulsory and chargeable only to those students who make use of the listed services.

Fee Description



Category 6.1 Registration Fees

Category 6.2 Records and Documents

Category 6.3 Examination and Grades Fees

Category 6.4 Placement Fees

Category 6.5 Library Fines

Category 6.6 Other Administrative User Fees and Fines


Late Registration - Initial Charge Plus Per Day Charge

O $44.00 + $5.00/day
Re-instatement O $61.00
Re-registration O $25.00
Letters of Permission O $40.00
Confirmation of Enrolment O $8.00
Calendars for Persons not Registered in the Division O $4.00
Replacement of Calendars O $4.00
Duplicate receipts for Tax Purposes O $5.00
Duplicate documents, general O $4.00
Examination Scripts O $15.00
Petition to Re-read Examination O $36.00
Deferred / Special Examination O $70.00
Advanced Standing Examination O $58.00
External Examination Arrangement O $30.00

Building Access Refundable Deposit (New Graduate Students)



Process Fee

Building Access Refundable Deposit (New Undergraduate Students)


Both Graduate and Undergraduate deposit includes electronic fob.  Deposit for students who will gain 24/7 access to Daniels facilities.
Request for a refund can only be made by students leaving the program one month following their withdrawal or by those graduating by the following deadlines.
Please note that due to COVID-19, we are asking graduating students to retain their FOB keys until further notice, as our facilities are currently closed.

Month all degree requirements are completed:

Due Date for FOB Return:                                                                          


3rd Tuesday of January


3rd Tuesday of May


3rd Tuesday of September

Fob replacement (if lost)




Student System Access Fee C $50.00


Schedule A

Fees Charged for Services not Subject to MTCU Guidelines or University Policy.

Fee Description         


A.1 Application Fee


Architecture Portfolio Assessment
(part of application process for MArch, MLA, MUD)

Visual Studies Portfolio Assessment
(part of application process for MVS)

Undergraduate Supplementary Application Assessment
(part of application process for Honours Bachelor of Arts
in Architectural Studies and Honours Bachelor of Arts in
Visual Studies)

Visiting Students Application Fee $60.00
Transfer Credit Assessment Fee $30.00

A.2 Fees for non-credit courses

A.3 Admission Deferral Fee

A.4 Licensing / Verification Fee (post-graduation)

Letter of Confirmation $7.00
Official Transcripts $10.00
Replacement Diplomas or Certificates $80.00