Petitions & Appeals


Petitions concern issues relating to degree requirements, academic regulations, examinations, and administrative rules. These may be petitioned to the Faculty, provided this is done prior to the specified deadlines. Daniels students must submit all petitions to the Daniels Faculty, whether the course in question is offered through the Daniels Faculty or through the Faculty of Arts & Science.

The Faculty recognizes that an exception may be required in the face of unpredictable, exceptional circumstances. In submitting a petition to have regulations waived or varied, students must present compelling reasons and relevant documentation, and must demonstrate that they have acted responsibly and with good judgment in attempting to observe Faculty regulations. Students are requested to present their entire case from the outset so their circumstances may be reviewed adequately for an equitable decision. The Appeals Committee routinely denies petitions that in its view do not present a valid reason for an exception to the regulations. Students are encouraged to seek advice on all such matters from the Office of the Registrar and Student Services.

Official information about the petition process, steps, and timelines are outlined in the Daniels Faculty Undergraduate Academic Calendar under Rules & Regulations > Appeals and Petitions.  Students are strongly encouraged to review the information in the Academic Calendar in addition to the summary information outlined in the Petition to the Appeals Committee Form.

Petition to the Appeals Committee Form

For information concerning specific petition requests, please see:

For information concerning reassessment of marks, please see:

For information on any other request not listed here, please contact


Academic appeals concern issues arising within a course that relate to the pedagogical relationship of the instructor and the student, such as the organization of a course, grading practices, or conduct of instructors. These fall within the authority of the department sponsoring the course and are not the subject of petitions.

Students are encouraged to discuss any issues regarding the academic aspects of a course first with the instructor. It is recommended that such discussions should be documented in writing where appropriate. The successive stages of appeal after the course instructor must be documented in writing. These successive stages are:

  1. The Undergraduate Director
  2. The Office of the Dean of the Daniels Faculty.

An appeal must have been reviewed at the departmental level before being referred to the Dean’s Office; appeals to the Dean’s Office must be in writing.