Course Mark Recheck

The information below is relevant for Daniels Faculty courses only. For information relevant to a review of marks for Faculty of Arts & Science courses and final examinations, see

If a student believes that there has been an addition error in calculating the course mark in a Daniels Faculty course, the student may request a recheck of the course mark. A recheck can be requested with or without having viewed the final examination. The student must fill out the Request for Recheck of Daniels Faculty course mark and submit it to the Office of the Registrar and Student Services within six months of the final examination (deadlines below). Whenever possible the student should indicate precisely where s/he believes that the calculation error has occurred. The Daniels Faculty will check that the examination marks have been added correctly and will check that all term work marks have been correctly calculated. The final examination will not be reread. There is no fee for requesting a recheck of a course mark.

Note that a recheck of a course mark may result in a raised mark, a lowered mark, or no change in the mark.


The deadlines for requesting a recheck of a Daniels Faculty course mark are as follows:

  • December examinations: the following June 30
  • February examination: the following August 31
  • April examinations: the following October 31
  • June examinations: the following January 15
  • August examinations: the following February 28/29

Any request submitted after the above deadlines will not be considered.