Withdrawal without Academic Penalty

For Late Withdrawal from a course - past the deadline to add/remove a course, but before the end of the academic session - please contact the Office of the Registrar and Student Services.

Daniels students must submit all petitions to Withdrawal without Academic Penalty to the Daniels Faculty, whether the course in question is offered through the Daniels Faculty or through the Faculty of Arts & Science. In submitting a petition to have regulations waived or varied, students must present compelling reasons and relevant documentation, and must demonstrate that they have acted responsibly and with good judgment in attempting to observe Faculty regulations. The Appeals Committee routinely denies petitions that in its view do not present a valid reason for an exception to the regulations.  Students are encouraged to seek advice on all such matters from the Office of the Registrar and Student Services.

Withdrawal without Academic Penalty Petition Deadline

The deadlines for petitions are strictly enforced.  If there are compelling reasons why a petition is being filed after the deadline, a covering letter explaining the reasons and requesting late consideration must accompany the petition. The issue of lateness must be satisfactorily resolved before the substance of the petition may be considered. Late petitions without sufficient reason for lateness will not be considered, no matter how compelling. 

  • Fall-Winter Session courses:  Deadline is the following 15 November
  • Summer Session courses:  Deadline is the following 28/29 February

All documentation supporting petitions must be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than three weeks after the date the student initiates the petition. For complete information, please review the Daniels Faculty Undergraduate Academic Calendar, "Appeals and Petitions" section.