ARC 362: Campus Drawings

ARC 362: University of Toronto Campus Drawings (2022)

This February, Daniels Faculty students of the third-year undergraduate design studio course ARC 362 were asked to explore the relationship between site organization, housing typologies, communal living, social conditions, publicness, material assemblies and building tectonics. In this pre-design exercise, students set out to study threshold conditions of buildings, structures and landscapes across the University of Toronto's St. George campus that represent different models of campus design from Gothic Revival of the 19th century through modernism and the early 21st century, which as a set of images help illuminate the shifting embodiment of the institution to its pupils and the public.

Instructors: Jon Cummings, Lukas Pauer and David Verbeek.

New College

Student: Rory Marks
Instructor: David Verbeek 

Goldring Centre

Student: Judy Wang
Instructor: Jon Cummings 

Max Gluskin House

Student: Amanda Nightingale
Instructor: David Verbeek 

Burwash Hall

Student: Philippe Martel
Instructor: David Verbeek 

Massey College

Student: Hanna Kamehiro
Instructor: Lukas Pauer

Isabel Bader Theatre

Student: Ryan Wong
Instructor: Lukas Pauer

Donnelly Centre

Student: Meraie El Nahal
Instructor: Jon Cummings