Course Enrolment for Research Stream Students

Core Course Requirements

Research Stream students are automatically enrolled in core courses.

For a list of core courses and degree requirements please click on the appropriate link below:
Master of Science in Forestry
Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry
Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture, Landscape, and Design

Elective Enrolment
Elective Courses must be selected by research stream students in consultation with their supervisor. An elective course gives provides the opportunity to choose among several courses when arranging your degree program. Elective courses can be taken within the Daniels Faculty or in other graduate departments of the University.

Students can select electives from advanced (3000 or 4000 series) graduate-level courses offered at the Daniels Faculty or advanced graduate courses in cognate disciplines across the University of Toronto pending the approval of the Faculty and in consultation with their supervisors.

Elective enrolment is completed online through your ACORN account in real-time on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrolment start dates are listed as part of the annual Sessional dates

Reminder: There is always movement in elective courses during the first two weeks of the term as students add and drop courses. Please be patient.

Selecting Elective Courses
In order to determine which elective courses you would like to take, review the elective course descriptions. Make note of a few options more than you intend to take as alternatives in case your first choice(s) become(s) full. The descriptions will include any pre-requisites the course may have. 

You can find a step-by-step guide on how to add courses on the ACORN help site:

Directed Readings
Directed Readings courses are intended to meet the particular needs or interests of a student to pursue an academically challenging project or topic that is currently not covered in the curriculum. These courses can be taken as a substitute for an elective course requirement. 

Forestry MScF students may request to take FOR1412 and FOR1413 (Forestry master's directed readings courses) as a substitute for any elective course requirement. A maximum of one directed studies course taken with a student's supervisor can be credited toward meeting program requirements.
Forestry Ph.D. students may request to take FOR1900 and FOR1901  (Forestry doctoral directed readings courses) as a substitute for any elective course requirement. A maximum of one directed studies course taken with a student's supervisor can be credited toward meeting program requirements.
Architecture, Landscape, and design students may request to take ALD4090 (ALD directed readings course) as a substitute for an elective course requirement only in year 2 of the ALD Ph.D. program. 

Research Stream students interested in taking a directed readings course must have the approval of their supervisor/s and work with a faculty member/instructor to complete and submit a Directed Readings form. The form must be submitted to for departmental review and approval. 

Please click here for the Directed Readings form.

Inter-Departmental Elective Courses
To request enrolment in electives offered by other departments you must obtain the instructor's signature and the host department coordinator/administrator's signature before submitting the Add/Drop form to for final approval. It is important that the form be completed correctly. To ensure your form can be processed, please provide us with contact information for the host department administrator so we may to confirm your approval. Please note that other department enrolment dates will differ from that of the Daniels Faculty and it is your responsibility to be aware of these dates and contact the departments as appropriate.

Waiting Lists
The Waiting List is a feature that lets you "line up" for a course that's currently full, in case a space becomes available in the future. If a student cancels the course and you're next on the waiting list, you'll be enrolled automatically. An email will be sent to your U of T email account to notify you of the enrolment.

What you need to know about waiting lists:

  • Waitlisted courses count towards your overall session load.
  • In the Fall/Winter, you can be on the waiting list for up to 1.0 FCE as a full-time student and 0.5 FCE as a part-time student. 
  • All Daniels Faculty ARC, LAN, and URD elective courses have waiting lists. VIS and FOR electives do not.
  • Waiting lists are not available for the entire duration of the enrolment period. Please refer to the Sessional Dates for waitlist deadlines.

We recommend that you prepare as many alternative elective course choices as possible. If a class is full on the last day to enrol and you are not officially enrolled in the course, you do not have the right to be in the class, and will not be granted late registration.

Canceling/Dropping a Course
If you decide that you no longer want to take an elective course, cancel it as soon as possible on ACORN and prior to the drop deadline. This applies to elective courses that you've added to the waiting list, as well as those in which you are enrolled. Please do not occupy an elective space that you know you do not want. Only by canceling the elective course will your space become available to another student.

If you are considering dropping a core course requirement such as studio, please first book an appointment to speak with an advisor in the Office of the Registrar and Student Services. As core courses are prerequisites to progress to the next session of core courses, it is important that you understand all implications of your choice.

You will be responsible for any academic penalties incurred if you do not cancel courses by the appropriate deadlines. The academic drop deadlines are listed in the Sessional Dates.

Course Conflicts
Conflicts occur when you enroll in courses that take place at the same time. Your core course schedule is set in such a way that no core courses will conflict. When adding electives to your schedule, it's important to make sure none of your elective courses overlap with each other or with your core courses in time because ACORN won't prevent you from enrolling in courses that conflict. If you choose to enroll in conflicting courses, please note that no special consideration or accommodation will be made for any problems that occur as a result (e.g. term tests scheduled at the same time, assignment due dates, attendance). Since you can't be at two places at the same time, avoid conflicts in your schedule.

Wheelchair Access
Not all classroom locations are wheelchair-accessible. If you require wheelchair access, please inform the Office of the Registrar and Student Services of your courses as soon as possible so that accommodations can be made.