New Books

100 buildings & architectural forms : step-by-step realistic line drawing : a sourcebook for aspiring artists and designers
Drazil, David.
NC825 .B8 D73 2021Y
Arquitectura sin arquitectos = Architecture without architects.
Paredes Pacho, José Luis.
N6559 .C34 A4 2020Y
Estrategia y propaganda : arquitectura militar en el Caribe (1689-1748).
Cruz Freire, Pedro.
UG422 .C78 2020X
Ethiopia : the living churches of an ancient kingdom.
Fitzgerald, Mary Anne.
NA6086 .E85 2017X
Eugene the architect.
Rassat, Thibaut.
PQ3919.3 .R3965 M3813 2021Y
Inside retirement housing : designing, developing and sustaining later lifestyles.
Clark, Sam.
NA2545 .A3 C53 2023Y
Light, space, place : the architecture of Robin Gibson.
Jones, Lloyd.
NA1605 .G53 A4 2022Y
Little genius : architecture.
Rhatigan, Joe.
NA2555 .R43 2022Y
Open house : concevoir des espaces a vivre = designing spaces for living.
Lamunière, Simon
HV554.5 .O64 2022Y
Regarding Paul R. Williams : a photographer's view.
Ireland, Janna.
NA737 .W527 A4 2020Y
Spiriti : otto fotografi raccontano Giancarlo De Carlo a Urbino = eight photographers recount Giancarlo De Carlo in Urbino
Pierini, Marco.
TR647 .D43 2021Y
Suddenly turning visible : art and architecture in Southeast Asia (1969-1989).
Seng, Yu Jin.
N7311 .S84 2019X
Under under.
Finke, Hanne Bat.
SB470.55 .D4 A24 2019Y
Aalto in detail a catalogue of components.
Helle, Annette.
NA1455 .F53 A22 2022Y
Architecture for disquiet bodies.
Le Gac, Christophe.
N6853 .F38 A4 2022Y
Atelier Archmixing : 2009-2019.
Chao, Yan.
NA1549 .A84 A4 2020Y
Blue : the architecture of UN peacekeeping missions.
Shoshan, Malkit.
NA2543 .S6 S56 2022Y
Junkspace with Running room.
Koolhaas, Rem.
NA2560 .K66 2013X
Myth & mirage.
Kelley, Ai.
NA730 .C22 S686 2017X
Ness : what's an object?
Rodriguez, Florencia.
NA2543 .S6 N477 2020Y
No small plans.
Lyon, Gabrielle H.
NA9127 .C4 L8 2017Y
Public without rhetoric.
Costa, Nuno Brandão.
NA1328.6 .P83 2018Y
Reading architecture : a visual lexicon.
Hopkins, Owen.
NA2840 .H675 2022Y
Walter Gropius : an illustrated biography.
Daybelge, Leyla.
NA1088 .G85 D39 2022Y