Next steps - Research Stream Students

Your official Offer of Admission letter is available through the Admissions Application. To confirm your acceptance, please sign and upload the included Confirmation form to the admission portal.

Clearing conditions on your Offer
After you have accepted your offer in writing, your next step is to clear any conditions noted on your offer by arranging to have all necessary documentation sent to us directly. Conditions on your offer must be cleared by July 1, 2023, if you anticipate delays in providing the necessary documentation to clear your conditions, please contact well in advance of the deadline to request an accommodation. 

Submitting Official Transcripts:
All admitted students must provide final and official copies of all transcripts to the Daniels Faculty, in order to clear the conditions of your offer.

Transcripts sent by mail must be in a sealed university envelope from your institution.

Some universities offer to send official digital transcripts, if you are interested in submitting digital official transcripts, these must be sent to directly from your institution.  

English Language Proficiency (if applicable):
Admitted students who have not completed their admitting degree from an institution recognized by the University of Toronto where the language of instruction/examination is uniformly English will require proof of English language proficiency.

Please review the English language proficiency test scores that meet our requirements.

Ensure test scores are submitted directly to the University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies.

Your Housing
If you require assistance with housing, the University of Toronto Housing Services provides helpful accommodation resources for you to explore. You can choose to live at home, in a University of Toronto residence, or take advantage of the many housing options near campus. Please look into housing options early as some options have deadlines by which you must apply. 

If you have been offered a place in residence, make sure you accept your residence offer and pay your deposit by the stated deadline. 

Whether you live close to the University of Toronto’s St. George campus or commute from the surrounding area, some transit services offer discounts to university students. 

Your Finances 
No matter your finances, take the time to plan out all your expenses and set a budget to ensure you have adequate funding available for the upcoming year. 

If you are an Ontario resident looking for a government loan, start early and apply now for the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP).

If you are from out-of-province, check with your local funding agency about relevant deadlines. 

Funding Packages and Fees
In mid-July, you will be able to view your student fees through ACORN. As a funded student, you must defer your fees on  ACORN by August 28, 2023. The department will then automatically pay your fees for the 2023-24 academic year once your registration is confirmed, there is no admission deposit required from you. Please see the following link for instructions on how to request a fee deferral on ACORN: Fee Deferral for Graduate Students.

Detailed Funding packages will be sent to you by the end of August 2023. For more information on research stream funding, inclusive of Teaching Assistantships, please visit the Research Stream Funding webpage.

To maintain the eligibility for guaranteed funding, students must apply for NSERC PGS/CGS, SSHRC, OGS and for any other awards/funding sources for which they are eligible. For a list of current awards, please visit the Current Award Announcements webpage. 

Arriving in Toronto
We recommend that students arrive in Toronto by mid-August, at the latest, so that they have the opportunity to settle-in and attend Orientation activities before classes begin. If you are an international student, please look at the pre-arrival guide and next steps from the Centre for International Experience.

Student Card and Email
You can obtain your U of T student card (TCard) beginning May 1, 2023. Once you receive your student card, you can activate your UTORID and your U of T email account. Following registration, email correspondence will be sent exclusively to your UTmail account. Please be sure to update ACORN with your new email address as soon as you receive it in order to avoid missing important information. 

All admitted students will receive an email from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) on enabling your JOINid. If you have not received information or are having difficulties setting this up, please reach out to SGS ( See here for a short video that explains the steps involved for newly admitted students to convert their JOINids to UTORids.

Your Courses
Classes start September 11, 2023. However, new students should be prepared to arrive earlier for orientation and administrative details that take place at the end of August/early September. 

In order to help you to understand the progression of your degree, you can find degree diagrams for each of our programs on our website. The SGS Calendar outlines not only your program, but also the many policies and procedures at the University of Toronto that you are expected to be aware of.

You will automatically be enrolled in all of your required courses with the exception of electives. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in the right courses each semester and to work with your supervisor to find the right electives.  Elective course selection is completed on ACORN.

Students who have previous academic courses completed and believe they may be eligible for a course exemption and/or transfer credits must contact by July 21, 2023. Please review the information on our website for submission requirements.

For all questions and inquiries related to the research stream programs at Daniels, please contact