About Daniels

Located in the heart of Canada’s largest city (and one of the largest and most rapidly expanding cities in North America), The Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design offers professional graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and visual studies  — as well as unique undergraduate programs that use architectural studies and visual studies as a lens through which students may pursue a broad, liberal arts-based education.

The fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and visual studies are characterized by exceptional change. Globalization and the convergence of new media, new materials, and new building technologies have led to significant economic, technological, and aesthetic shifts. As a leading school of architecture, landscape, and design in North America, the Daniels Faculty is responding to these changing realities through its educational programs, its research initiatives, and its public outreach.

The greater Toronto region serves as a dynamic laboratory for critical studies and the exploration of design alternatives of international significance. Students at the Daniels Faculty not only have the city to use as a resource, they also have access to Toronto’s large professional design community. Like Toronto, our students and faculty are incredibly cosmopolitan in sensibility, hailing from every part of the world, with their work crossing all sorts of geographic and cultural boundaries. The city’s multicultural networks and international connections make Daniels a powerful place to start a career.

Recent years at the Daniels Faculty have been ones of exceptional growth: We have hired new faculty, we have reintroduced an undergraduate major in Architectural Studies, and we have revamped our Master's programs in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design. We have also recently welcomed the University of Toronto’s Visual Studies department to our Faculty. With architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and, now, visual studies under the same roof, the Daniels Faculty benefits from rich collaborations and crossover between like-minded disciplines. 

The growth of our programs and faculty ranks has occasioned the building of a new home for the Daniels Faculty at One Spadina Crescent, one of Toronto’s most historic and sites. The transformation now underway on this iconic building (designed by a team led by NADAAA) will double the size of our current facilities and create a new and unprecedented district at the University of Toronto for education, research, and public outreach on architecture, urbanism, and the visual arts.

To learn more about the Daniels Faculty, we invite you to view the video below, peruse our website, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more on our programs, history, tours, and more, please select from the links in the column to the left. You may also contact us any time at 416-978-5038.