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Current Student Announcements

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Updates and announcements for current graduate and undergraduate students can be found below. Please be sure to refer to current Sessional Dates for Undergraduate and Graduate students. Additionally, please refer to the Student Life "Just in TIme" slides for important dates, workshops, and events.

If a session or workshop has indicated it will be recorded, the recordings will be available through the Writing Centre Quercus webpage. To access the recordings, you'll need to enrol in the Quercus course and add it to your dashboard.

Please also be sure to monitor your UTMail account for academic updates from other departments at the University of Toronto, that may not be listed below. 

Date Reception Link
2021-10-18 All Students 2022 University of Toronto Student Leadership Awards
2021-10-18 All Students Mid-term Momentum: Week 1
2021-10-13 Undergraduate Year 1 ARC112 Design + Engineering Opportunity
2021-10-01 Undergraduate Financial Aid Opportunities for Undergraduate Students
2021-10-01 Graduate Financial Aid Opportunities for Graduate Students
2021-09-30 All Laser Cutter Training Site
2021-09-29 Undergraduate Graduate Application Workshop Series: 3rd & 4th Year Students
2021-09-29 Undergraduate Upcoming Workshops: 1st & 2nd Year
2021-09-17 Graduate Academic Reminders: September 2021 (Graduate)
2021-09-17 Undergraduate Academic Reminders: September 2021 (Undergraduate)
2021-09-08 Graduate Beginning of Term: Update on Services - Graduate
2021-09-08 Undergraduate Beginning of Term: Update on Services - Undergraduate
2021-09-08 All Daniels 2021 Resource Fair (Virtual)
2021-08-31 All

Fall Updates | First couple of weeks of School

2021-08-27 Undergraduate Students VIS325H1F + VIS330H1F
2021-08-24 Graduate Students Research Studio Q&A session | Mon. Aug. 30 at noon
2021-08-24 Graduate Students Option Studio Q&A | Monday, August 30 at Noon
2021-08-10 Graduates Students 2021 SGS Award Information Sessions for Students
2021-08-10 Graduate Students Graduate Elective Enrolment
2021-07-20 Graduate Students MFC Pre-Orientation
2021-07-17 Graduate Students Daniels Graduate Pre-Orientation Information
2021-07-17 Undergraduate Students 2021-2022 Course Enrolment: 1st Year
2021-07-12 Undergraduate Students 2021-2022 Course Enrolment: 2nd Year
2021-07-12 Undergraduate Students 2021-2022 Course Enrolment: 3rd Year
2021-07-07 Undergraduate Students 2021-2022 Course Enrolment: 4th Year
2021-06-21 New Graduate Students Updates and Reminders
2021-06-16 Undergraduate Students Save-the-date: Course Enrolment and Registration 2021-2022

Previous Student Announcements

Fall-Winter 2020-21 Student Announcements