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Past Course Descriptions

Fall 2018

Architecture Elective Courses

Architecture and Health:

Computer Modeling:

History and Theory:

Technics and Planning:


Professional Practice:

Urban Design Elective Courses

History, Theory, Criticism:


  • (JPF2430Y) Cities. Instructors: Patricia McCarney, George Baird, Richard Stren (Available for enrolment September 5th)

Visual Studies Elective Courses

Option Studios

Students must submit their ballot following the instructions below. REMEMBER: Once your ballot is submitted, you will be unable to change your choices.  Take your time to make the right decision.  All ballots must be submitted by 8am on Thursday, September 6.   

Option Studio Balloting.

(ARC3015Y F) Architectural Design Option Studios:

(LAN3016Y F) Landscape Architecture Design Studio Options

(URD2013Y F) Urban Design Studio Options

  • (L0101) Density. Instructor: Alfredo Landaeta

Winter 2018

Architectural Design Studio 6: Research Studio | ARC3016Y S

Elective Courses

Selected Topics in Architectural History and Theory:

  • Architectures of Infinite Knowledge.  (ARC3312H S) Instructor: Zeynep Celik Alexander
  • Media Theory for Architects. (ARC3313H S) Instructor: John Harwood
  • Infrastructure, System and Concept. (ARC3314H S) Instructor: Mary Lou Lobsinger
  • Architecture and Theory: A Projective Retrospective. (ARC3315H S )Instructor: Roberto Damiani 

Selected Topics in Architecture:

  • Architecture in India Since 1947: Eight Perspectives. (ARC3707H S) Instructor: Hans Ibelings
  • Fiction Architecture and the Cinema. (ARC3708H S) Instructor: Brian Boigon 
  • Contemporary Art of the Every Other Day. (ARC3710HS) Instructor: An Te Liu

Selected Topics in Architecture and Technology: Acoustic Architecture. (ARC3403H S) Instructor: Brady Peters

Landscape Architecture Topics - Design: Regenerative Landscape Design. (LAN2202H S) Instructor: Peter North

Landscape Architecture Topics - Environment: Green Infrastructure. (LAN2300H S) Instructor: Sheila Boudreau 

Landscape Architecture Topics - Practice: Tactical Urbanism and Disruptive Modes of Practice. (LAN2600H S) Instructors: Paula Gallo & Heidi Campbell

Landscape Architecture Topics - Theory: Ecology, Infrastructure, Habitat, Citizen: Vocabulary for the Metropolitan Landscape. (LAN2901H S) Instructor: Jane Wolf

Selected Topics in History and Theory of Urban Design: Global Urbanisms. (URD1200H S) Instructor: David Lieberman 

Selected Topics in Urban Design: Community Consultation and Urban Design. (URD1505H S) Instructor: Lorne Cappe

Topics in Computer-Aided Urban Design (URD1022H S) Instructor: Ultan Byrne

Special Studies in Civil Engineering: Treatment Wetlands. (CIV1398H S) Instructor: Jennifer Drake

Visual Studies Electives

  • Advanced Readings in Visual Studies. (VIS3001H S) Instructor: MVS Faculty 
  • Advanced Readings in Curatorial Studies. (VIS3002H S) Instructor: MVS Faculty 

Fall 2017

See the Fall 2017 Graduate Timetable to view course offerings.

Option Studios (ARC 3015, LAN 3016, URD2013)

All 2017-2018 Elective, Option Studio, and Research Studio Course Descriptions [PDF]